The Wild Pear Tree screenplay analysis

We mentioned how to make film analysis based on a screenplay before in one of the previous posts which is Film analysis: Conceptualizing a screenplay. In this post, we will present the screenplay analysis of The Wild Pear Tree (2018) directed by Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan.

the wild pear tree
A still from The Wild Pear Tree (2018).

The Wild Pear Tree (2018)

1. Subject

The film is about the effort of a young man to realize his dreams in the countryside. The question of whether the fate of this young man will differ with his father, who cannot find a place in the value judgments of the society, is the main issue of the film.

2. Point of view

A pessimistic point of view is presented. The film portrayed the countryside as a place where people’s hopes eventually intersect with loneliness and disappointments.

3. Theme

Self-realization, country life, father-son conflict.

4. Tone

The film has a tragicomic tone that combines dramatic and ridiculous moments which causes feelings of pity.

5. Characters

When Sinan, a literary enthusiast, graduates from university and goes back to his hometown, he tries to find some funds to publish the book he dreams of. Sinan degrades both his family and the world that surrounds him in the town. He is ready to do everything to reach his goal. Sinan is a sympathetic but hateful, complex and arrogant character.

Sinan’s father Idris is one of those who cannot find a place in the society he lives in, does not have much respect around him and has bad habits like gambling. While Idris dreams of a humble life of his own, he tries to cover his failure with his playful and cynical attitudes.

6. Place

The movie takes place in the countryside. The restlessness gloom of the closed country life creates the atmosphere of an exile place which in the main character, Sinan, is trapped.

7. Dramatic elements

The main dramatic element in the film is the conflict of the main character who wants to realize himself against obstacles, institution, order and value judgments in a closed society. In addition, as the main character scorns his father, he is experiencing an internal conflict in order not to resemble him.

8. Dramatic structure

The film follows the main character and offers a classic dramatic progression in chapters with long dialogues.

The 5 main dramatic events in the film are:

  • Sinan returns to his hometown and tries to find the money to publish his book.
  • Sinan cannot find the necessary money.
  • Sinan secretly sells his father’s dog and publishes his book with that money.
  • Sinan joined the army to complete his military service.
  • Sinan goes back to his town. Meanwhile, nobody buys Sinan’s book. He gets a little closer with his father after all and helps his father’s work in the field for the first time, which he has not done before.

Note: This kind of evaluation of films ceauses primitive, superficial and categorical results. For this reason, this analysis does not qualify as criticism or review.

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